Fully featured Calendar and CRM


With Cygnet calendar you can easily co-ordinate the schedules of employees and resources across all platforms. Setup personal and workgroup calendars to be shared with other users. Use of the reminder features on events and tasks means that users should never miss important meetings or events.

Easy on the road access to your Cygnet calendars and agendas allows colleagues and share changes in their schedule from iPhone, iPad or Android.


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Group calendars

With support for an unlimited number of group calendars, you can create a calendar for workgroups, departments, divisions or an entire company. Flexible permission rights determine who’s able to view or add group calendar events.

Private events can be created when it’s necessary to reserve specific block of time without disclosing the exact nature of the appointment.

Event Scheduler

Event Scheduler helps you plan and manage public events featuring virtually an unlimited number of guests.

Invite your colleagues and find a time slot that everyone can agree on without emailing everyone back and forth.

Recurring events can be scheduled to appear in a calendar automatically every week, twice a month, or any at any other interval you choose.

Integration with CRM

All events scheduled in Cygnet calendar, such as meetings with customer and colleagues or follow up phone calls are added to contact details and notes in Cygnet CRM.

Reminders can be set up for email and in system popups for scheduled events and tasks. Such events and reminders are simply accessed on desktop and mobile mobile devices.

Favorite calendars

Subscribe to multiple calendars and display all events in a single agenda.

You can easily follow schedules of colleagues or workgroups and coordinate activities of multiple colleagues or entire departments.