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Cygnet’s journey began some years ago when a group of professionals running a Corporate Management business calculated that up to 40% of every employees time can be lost searching for documents and emails.

In an SME employing 20 people, as many as 8 people can spend all day, every day, looking for files, emails or related information.That represents a massive, unacceptable loss of productivity and income.

So the search for a solution began. Few products delivered effective information and process management functionality for SMEs and those that did were generally priced beyond their reach.

An in-house development initiative was launched and Cygnet Cloud was born. The business professionals at the heart of this initiative implemented Cygnet Cloud in their own SME business. They benefited greatly from the use of a digital archive, email management and contact information being accessible by all 24/7 regardless of their location.

The product evolved and word spread. Cygnet began helping other SMEs with paper-intensive processes and geographically dispersed operations to manage information and day-to-day processes more effectively. So the adventure began, and today Cygnet Cloud is used by more than 150 companies in 20 countries around the world.


Cygnet’s Award Winning Cloud Solution


About Cygnet Cloud Awards
Cygnet Cloud is an award winning software company that has had the pleasure of receiving a number of rewards over the years. These range from, ECM product of the year, to Email product of the Year awarded by the DM Awards in the UK.


What’s in a name?


‘Cygnet’ is the English word for a young swan. These beautiful, graceful birds start life as a grey, somewhat disheveled and untidy creature wandering around in an unpredictable and haphazard manner.By time, the cygnet changes and reshapes as it grows to become an unruffled, organised, habitual being, admired by all and underestimated by none – like our company and our product. Eventually a cygnet-turned-swan will spread its wings and soar to the Cloud.
About Cygnet Cloud Name


What’s with the quill?


About Cygnet Cloud Quill
The quill is among the very first of writing implements, and therefore, the first documents ever created. Of course, we have progressed by leaps and bounds since then, where we have services such as Cygnet Cloud with all your files and communications online. Our idea is simply to provide home users and organisations with the necessary tools and options to have total control on their data, putting access to the data back in users’ hands.Swans aside, we truly hope that using Cygnet, you too will find that your entire digital footprint has been upgraded, optimised and dragged into the future by any means necessary.