What can Cygnet Cloud do at home?

The management of personal data in cloud computing should be fast, easy and secure. Our experience in data management has made us experts in the area, so you can be absolutely certain that your data is secure with us. Cloud computing is made easier with Cygnet Cloud allowing you to keep everything in one location for easy access and retrieval.


Cygnet Cloud for the Home.

Let’s be honest, during our personal lives we generate huge amounts of digital fragments, here, there and everywhere. Emails, address books, photos, videos, documents of all kinds, archives, bills, sensitive material. The list is endless, and so are the hiding places.

Not only digital files but also paper, think about insurance policies, appliance guarantees plus many other documents we need to keep. These are most probably “stored” in the bottom of a wardrobe or in a kitchen drawer. Problem is when we need them we cannot find them.

Even if we are one of the lucky ones and have all these paper documents properly organised in a physical binder, it seems we always need them most when we are not at home.

Imagine, being able to get to these documents when we need them, organised, secure and from any location using what ever mobile device we happen to have with us. Now that is revolutionary.


Cygnet in a nutshell

What is Cygnet Cloud?
Cygnet Cloud allows you to structure, organise, manage, control and unify access to all your files, emails and contacts in a single secure location. You have control of your life with 24/7 access regardless of the device in use. Just log in using your browser and start working. Simple

How is it different to other cloud storage services?
With Cygnet you work exclusively in the cloud. No more syncing and searching different devices for files and data.

How does it help me?
Increasing the organisation of your personal files will free up valuable time to spend with friends and family.

Can I share files with others?
Yes! It is simple to work and share with others whether you want to share a single file or folders.

Do I have to change my email provider?
No just point Cygnet Cloud to your email folders and you gain control of all your data.

What about my existing digital files and emails?
Simply import your existing files, emails and contacts using the tools provided whether they be on your local computer or in cloud storage.

Can I get a refund?
After signing up for a paid Premium or Enterprise account you have a 30 day money back guarantee. If you have taken advantage of our 30 day free trial this means that you have 60 days to evaluate the difference Cygnet Cloud makes to your life.

How do I get started?
Get your 30 day free Cygnet Cloud here. We are so confident in Cygnet Cloud we offer an additional 30 day money back guarantee. You have an incredible 60 days to decide.

Will I still have access to the files if I cancel my premium membership
If you cancel your premium subscription you will retain a FREE membership plan which is limited to the plan’s restrictions and features. All your files will remain in your account subject to the storage capacity. If

How will I save time using Cygnet Cloud?
When you use the template options and store your files in an organised manner then you can quickly and easily find your data. You also have access to all your files, emails and contacts from any device. No more searching different computers, tablets or filing cabinets for that piece of information. This can save each office worker up to 8 hours a week. That is like fitting 6 days into a 5 day week.

What about saving time at Home?
OK. How often have you needed a copy of an insurance policy or an appliance guarantee? Well with Cygnet Cloud you know where it is and you can get to it easily. Simply login in and away you go.

What if I just want to upload without structuring?
Cygnet Cloud gives you the option to decide. Perhaps you want structure on some parts of your life, while you are happy to dump the rest in a shoebox. With Cygnet, you decide.

What if I’m not online?
With OurDrive you can create and save files on your local computer. As soon as you get online your files will automatically be transferred to Cygnet Cloud.

Do I own my files?
Your files are your files and are NOT copies of somebody else’s files. You can download your files any time you wish.


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