All You Need to know about Cloud Migration

A recent market study has reported that more than 40 percent of organizations have confirmed that their operational productivity has improved after migrating to cloud environment. The study conducted by Computer Weekly revealed how cloud technology helps businesses better adapt to constantly fluctuating and growing market changes, while focusing on new customers as well.

Ground breaking and inventive cloud modules adopted by Cygnet Cloud enable businesses to make informed and educated, data-driven decisions, with the omission of capacity constraints on data information. Cloud-based infrastructures enabled by enhanced technology allow quick and easy access to information. Our experienced team of trained programmers and innovative developers help expedite business systems allowing enterprises the ability and free energy to focus on building revenue and targeting new market avenues.

Besides appealing benefits such as business advantages and cost savings offered with migration to cloud technology, here are a few important aspects to consider when shifting to a cloud-based system.


Choose a cloud system that serves your business needs

Cloud systems can be private, public or hybrid-based computing models. Each module offers specific benefits that cater to varying businesses. Public clouds are best-suited for organizations looking to transform or upgrade preexisting application or service. Shift to public cloud system will provide additional benefits and features that a regular onsite upgrade won’t deliver.

Hybrid cloud models on the other hand work, well if you have already invested in hardware and software upgrades for your business, but would like to further augment and improve your IT network.

Private cloud solutions are valued by organizations that need premium security and increased availability. Businesses with numerous branches and workplaces, and existing centralized IT resources would benefit immensely with private cloud system that enables highly secured access to sensitive client data.


Understand the service contract

Make it a point to read and review the terms and conditions of your cloud contract thoroughly. As cloud service providers we are aware that certain terms might not be compatible with your business requirements.


Pick your vendor carefully

Several companies question the requirement to be attached or locked-in with a sole vendor or technology that might cause issues with upgrades. If a shift to a new vendor is a possibility in the future, analyze whether data extraction can be quick and timely. When choosing a vendor, look for one that is reliable and carries a good track record of efficient customer service and performance delivery. Meet our team of developers to get a better idea of future possibilities for your business with Cygnet Cloud.