Cygnet Academy


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Cygnet Cloud offers multiple courses, ranging from end-user courses up to system administrator courses. Once completed you will possess the knowledge, tools and official certification to manage all facets of Cygnet Cloud.


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Cygnet Cloud – Video Tutorials


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Cygnet Cloud understands you like to be sure about what you are doing. For this reason we have made a few videos, screenshots and much more information. This is the area you need to keep your eye on for all of the new tips and tricks.


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Cygnet Cloud – Help


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Need help getting to grips with all the features that Cygnet Cloud has to offer? Don’t worry we have been in the same position. For this reason we have put together, a comprehensive help file which details each functionality step by step with screenshots and tutorial videos to match.


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Cygnet Cloud – Support Center


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At Cygnet Cloud we offer a support ticketing system which deals with all your inquiries created via email simple easy-to-use multi-user web interface. We manage, organize and archive all your support requests and responses in one place so we can provide our customers with accountability and responsiveness they deserve. .


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