Below you will find a list of software packages for Cygnet Cloud.



Ourdrive 2.0

To enable quick and easy file transfer to your Cygnet Cloud you will need to install, at no additional charge, a local utility we call Cygnet OurDrive. Install OurDrive and it will run through the setup for a single user, see the video next for insructions on a server install. Watch the install and configuration tutorial





Cygnet Cloud utilises Java for a number of elements within the system. The features that use Java are online editing of documents, Ourdrive and Advanced Search (Enterprise). Verify if you have the latest version on your computer, if not it is advised to update at your convenience.




Adobe Flash

Cygnet Cloud utilises Adobe Flash for the online document viewer. Here is a link to the webinstaller to install the latest Flash version.


Below you will find a list of mobile apps to run Cygnet Cloud.



Have Cygnet Cloud  with you on the go! Check your email, Navigate and download your files, Easily upload photos and videos. Most important of all share and collaborate with friends, family and colleagues! (Android 4.2 and higher versions are supported).


googleplay-app-store                      Available_on_the_App_Store_(gray)

Don’t have Android 4.2 or higher? Download Cygnet Cloud for Android (4.1.0) here!