What can Cygnet Cloud do for you?

Cloud computing for Business should be Easy, Fast and Secure. With Cygnet Cloud you can be sure that your data is accessible and secure. Turn your greatest asset to you advantage by giving your people the power to work from any location.


The Problem


Problem Cloud Computing for Business

There are many reports, supported by people like Bill Gates, which identify that office workers, including on the road staff, can spend up to 40% of their time looking for information, files, documents, emails, etc. This continues even when businesses have digitised the bulk of their content and swichted to a Cloud Computing for business environment.

Just look around you today. How many times have you been looking for a document or a contact’s details only to realise it is stored on another laptop, or in a colleagues email, which you cannot access. I am sure you know of many

examples of this problem in your workplace. With the explosion in the amount of data and information being generated and stored by a business today this problem is getting bigger and bigger.

Now add email management to this mix and you begin to understand the enormous size of the problem.


The Impact

We all know that the key asset of any business is its workforce. Yet in many instances these people are constantly faced with the frustration of misplaced, misfiled or lost information and documents.

To make matters worse they are faced with the problem of pulling information from various pieces of software or looking for files stored in different locations be they different computers, networks or cloud storage bins.

Imagine how much bigger this problem is when you include mobile workers, home workers or even temporary staff. For some businesses it is impossible to consider such a rich resource because of the complexity of integrating them into the information and communication mix.

The Solution


This is the problem we faced some years ago. We recognised it was not going to fix itself.

So, we looked into the market to find a solution. After realising that the solutions on offer did not fit our company or our budget we decided to build our own system.

It was important for us to understand that Cygnet Cloud should be a tool to help us improve our working day. It should not force us to adapt our business process to the system.

So we set about creating a modern solution which unifies the location of data and communication in a secure Cloud solution which means that you can gain access to your files, data, contacts and communications wherever you are whenever you want it.

Cygnet Cloud is the unified source of data and information for Business.


So what can Cygnet Cloud do?

Secure your online life!

Store, Manage, Share. Cygnet Cloud is your online digital workplace especially built for a modern way of life. We go far beyond online backup and storage that many of our competitors have on offer. We believe that all our customers, home consumers and businesses alike, deserve to have the option of highly developed data management solutions. Whatever kind of data or files you’ve saved, Cygnet Cloud can handle, store, manage and share, in a totally safe environment.
Structured-indexing-of-file Structured indexing of files. You decide the level of structure and depth to your Cygnet Cloud. If you like, you can just ‘drop everything in’, or use detailed Templates, Index Wizard and Role based authentication and rights system for more sensitive data or company setups.
Security of documents Security. Our security arrangements are a genuine layer of ironclad protection. AES-256 bit encryption, Security Socket Layer (SSL), your own Username and Password, and un-guessable links when sharing are only the surface of the iceberg of security we use to guard your files.

Share with ease!

Invite to view Invite to view. Need to get that vital information to your customer, by tonight? Easy!Need help cracking that formula? Get a few classmates to take a look. You know what they say: the more the merrier.
Send a link Send a link. Send an un-guessable link to share anything in your Cygnet Cloud with your contacts, even if they don’t use Cygnet! Set the link to expire after a set period after all privacy is paramount at Cygnet.
Share a whole folder Share a whole folder. Just like sharing a single file, only bigger! Because you know that you didn’t take just the one photo when you were on holiday, did you?
Send an email Send an email. Cygnet Cloud doesn’t always need to reinvent the wheel, so you can also simply email a document as an attachment.

Online Collaboration

Invite to work Invite to Work & Share. Create collaboration ‘work zones’ and invite colleagues or peers to work on documents together. Do away with endless back and forth emails and create a work zone to share progress with everyone involved.
Comment & discuss Comment and Discuss. Add a task or a comment to a file, assign it to a user or users, and spark further discussion and collaboration.
Real time updates Real-time Updates. Anything that is adapted or modified in Cygnet Cloud is shown in real-time and updated instantaneously, so you can see the edits and changes made, as well as track who made the changes.

Mobile Access

Access to all data. Create collaboration ‘work zones’ and invite colleagues or peers to work on documents together. Do away with endless back and forth emails and create a work zone to share progress with everyone involved.
Upload. Use your mobile devices to upload into Cygnet Cloud directly on the go.
View. Access the files in your system through applications on any of your mobile devices.
Share. Easily share a file by sending it as an attachment, via whatsapp, via bluetooth or any other connection or service your mobile device supports.