CYGNET-fy your Data in the Cloud

Have you ever taken the time to consider the amount of time and resources that are obviously lost in the process of the simple task of Data and File Management? Do you count the blows your workforce take, resulting in reduced performance and productivity, as they continue to play cat and mouse with important documents, files and emails that lie unorganised here, there everywhere. Sometimes never to be seen again!


Such issues may not have crossed your mind however let me tell you that in some organisations up to 40% of profitable time is lost or wasted chasing unorganised or poorly managed data, files, documents and emails. As you know, time is one of the most important commodities in a Small Medium Enterprise (SME). The time wasted in searching among piles and bytes of manual and unorganised digital data can prove to be huge drain on a such a valuable resource leading to lost productivity. So is there an answer?


Well yes there are answers however unless you are a large multinational the answer, until now, has been outside of your budget. So what do I do now?


This is exactly the question that prompted the development of the concept of Online Data Management, by Cygnet. This led to the introduction of Cygnet Cloud as an SaaS product with particular emphasis on SMEs.


Cygnet Cloud isn’t just a Data Cloud Software providing storage or backup options. It is exclusively designed to meet the economic demands associated with the problems faced by SMEs in managing a modern day business. Like all good things in life, an extensive Data Recovery and Management option comes at a cost. As mentioned above, Small Medium Enterprises often aren’t in a position to deal with such the high price tag that comes with such solutions. With Cygnet Cloud you have a cost effective solution to the problem. If you are thinking what we are thinking right now then let me tell you, Cygnet Cloud is for you.


Cygnet Cloud’s seamless Email Management and Data Recovery tools offer a safe haven for wayward and unorganised files. In addition it provides the perfect Cloud Computing package which enables you to access your data wherever and whenever you want. The depth of features in Cygnet Cloud lets you organise and structure your important documents and files as you want them, making recovery so much easier and faster. Save time save money.


Email Management is hassle free with Cygnet Cloud allowing you to match emails to relevant projects, jobs and contacts automatically.  How often do your people lose time and energy in looking for emails relating to a specific job because they are on different devices or stored at a different location. Search and retrieval is fast and simple.


Secure Cloud Computing and Data Recovery Tools are built into Cygnet Cloud. When working you access the document store directly via your browser. There is no need to sync various devices from different locations. So in the event of a disaster you do not need to download files from you backup to various different devices. With Cygnet Cloud you simply login with you new device and start work.


With Cygnet Cloud you can use as many devices as you want. Additionally you can add an infinite number of shared users. Cygnet Cloud is simply the Best Cloud Computing solution for your business.


So why wait Cygnet-fy your data today.