Trends in Cloud Computing

At Cygnet Cloud, we are always up-to-date with the latest developments and trends in Cloud computing. If we see a service we can offer, we immediately get to work on it and bring it to our platform. Here are some trends we have observed in Cloud computing over the past year that we thought are worth a share.

Trend #1 – The phrase ‘Cloud computing’ will become ubiquitous

Cloud computing will become so integrated into our lives that the phrase ‘cloud computing’ will become ubiquitous. As we say – Everything online for a modern kind of life.

Trend #2 – The focus of cloud computing will shift to ‘functioning’

Currently, there is a lot of action around cloud computing. Generally this is based on dumb sync storage and backup. This is now shifting to providing ‘function’. People are still discovering the right fit for cloud computing. Soon they will discover new functions for the cloud. This is the essence of Cygnet Cloud.

Trend #3 – A shift to centralised trust

Companies are now learning how to manage identities on the cloud. They are also learning how to validate identities on the internet, similar to how the DMV validates licenses. The number of clouds in usage in a single company will increase and people will adopt single sign-ins for all the clouds. When that happens, additional security protocols will be developed for the cloud.

Trend #4 – Centralised data on cloud to offer strategic advantage

Huge databases are being set up on the cloud, aggregating valuable information. Any one will be able to access the information through a public or private application programming interface. Some uses could be stock market information and clinical data, to provide better care for patients. It will become normal to locate personal data and files using a cloud interface.

Trend #5 – Cloud will become popular on mobile

Mobile devices are becoming thinner and more powerful with every passing year. Mobile computing will rise and the cloud will rise with it. It means cloud computing on mobile devices will increase by leaps and bounds. Mobile applications will be hosted on the cloud.

There is no guarantee that any of these trends will come to fruition but there is nothing at present to suggest otherwise. As people find more uses for the Cloud, more trends will come up, increasing the Cloud’s utility and functions. Read this space for more developments in cloud computing, from Cygnet Cloud, your friendly neighborhood cloud service.