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Cygnet in a nutshell

Cygnet Cloud allows you to structure, organise, manage, control and unify access to all your files, emails and contacts in a single secure location.

You have control of your life with 24/7 access regardless of the device in use. Just log in using your browser and start working. Simple.

Why Cygnet Cloud?

Most cloud services are simple sync, file sharing and backup solutions. From day one, we had very different intentions for Cygnet.

We designed and built Cygnet Cloud to truly work online with secure file sharing, collaboration and communication services which empower individual users, households, and business of any size.

Shorten that workweek

When you use the template options and store your files in an organised manner then you can quickly and easily find your data. You also have access to all your files, emails and contacts from any device.

No more searching different computers, tablets or filing cabinets for that piece of information. This can save each office worker up to 8 hours a week. That is like fitting 6 days into a 5 day week.

See how Cygnet Cloud can help you!

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How much does it cost?

All your work tools in one place
Pricing---‎€14,95 /user/monthGet Quote
Users1up to 50Unlimited
Online storage2GB100GBUnlimited
File Sharing Link
Mobile App
Secure Data Management
Edit Documents in the Cloud
Document Templates
Role Based Actions
Document History
User Management
Enhanced Reporting
Document OCR
Full Text Search
Automatic Invoice Processing

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