Secure Storage For Files Of All Types

Document Management

With Cygnet Cloud you work directly in your browser or via our mobile app. All files are managed and stored in your Cloud. There is no delay in uploading or syncing files with/from external devices. Your files can be managed in our powerful document management system. Presentations, documents, videos, and any other files are always available to you and your colleagues regardless of time, location or device.

The purpose of a good document management system is to provide fast and efficient access to documents and information when the user requires it. Cygnet Document Manager uses well defined document management principles. The use of templates, fileplans and index rules gives structure and consistency to your files. As a result managing and, more importantly, retrieving files and documents is fast, easy and efficient.

Structured containers derived from these templates are referred to as InfoHubs. Check out our videos or take our virtual tour to see how Cygnet Document Manager saves you time and earns you money.

Creating & Editing Documents Online

Thanks to integration of MS Office you can create text documents, spreadsheets, or presentations right in your web browser! Additionally these documents are filed immediately in Document Manager making them immediately available to you and your users.

With our intuitive process for indexing files you automatically store and index your documents at the source. This ensures that documents are stored where users expect them to be.

Creating & Editing with Local

Create and Edit documents with applications on your PC.

You can also choose to use locally installed software, such as MS Office, OpenOffice, Pages for Mac and many other programs, for editing documents and files in Cygnet Cloud. With a simple mouse click you decide whether to work in your browser or with locally installed programs. Check out this video to this option in action.

With the integration of Polaris Office suite you can have files created, edited and indexed in one simple operation no matter the device in use.


Each document stored in your Cygnet Cloud has a version history. When a file is edited, the previous version is stored in its version container. It can be viewed or restored at any time.

Linking Documents

Cygnet Cloud works with F.O.A.M. technology (File Once Access Many). You can link documents and files to more than one location. This saves disc space and allows users access to files from different containers.

Editing these files in one location ensures that the same file is available no matter where you look. No more problems with different file versions in related locations.

Shared Documents

Due to the strength of Cygnet Templates and User Manager, documents and files are automatically accessible to the right people at the right time.

In addition you can share files with others by linking them to a shared container. There is no need to define a share for each and every document or container in Cygnet Cloud.

This way you maintain control and save time on a daily basis.


In addition to the document version you can track the document history. This provides all data relating to the document including who viewed, edited or moved the document including the date and time of the action.