Set Deadlines and Meet Them

Project Management and Tasks

Cygnet Cloud User manager has extensive organisational features which add to the efficiency at the personal and group levels. Easily manage workflows and tasks on a daily basis. Define, assign tasks for yourself and colleagues with simple options to delegate and track performance.

Projects can have a dedicated group where all of the files, discussions, and tasks relating to the project are stored and accessed only by those users who are relevant to the project. Time spent on each task within the project can be tracked, and tasks ca be added to the group calendar. You can allow customers, advisors or partners to participate fully in projects.

Templates and Boilerplates

Templates are ideal to automate regular tasks and recurring work routines. With Cygnet Cloud templates quickly and efficiently setup repeating business processes such as InfoHubs (customer structres), Projects or Workgroups with a few simple clicks. Templates provide consistent approach and structure to files, documents, emails and tasks within an organisation.

Boilerplates, be they documents or tasks, are available to all users. They provide a consistent and efficient customer facing processes.


Any combination of employees can be collected into a workgroup which contains all the social networking and organizational tools needed to optimize operations and utilize the highly efficient communications methods available in Cygnet Cloud.

Each group is like a miniature intranet, that not only stores important files and data, but which serves as a platform for discussions, tasks, tracking, and planning.


Cygnet provides many reports so you can easily track and trace what is happing. Every user can quickly access an activity report. Here it is simple to quickly track tasks, documents or mails. Using different reporting tools you can easily see how projects are progressing. Get a view of what users are doing.

Generate reports on time spent by users and identify what activities are being undertaken.

reports builder

Report Builder

The report building lets you aggregate, filter, and sort report data and display them to management in the needed form. The universal report builder lets you collect the data fields needed and evaluate effectiveness, work efficiency, and total time spent on projects and tasks.

External Users

Allow access to unlimited external users such as clients, partners, freelancers and other service providers. You decide what access to give such users. Be it full edit or read only is you decision. You control what InfoHubs, workgroups and files they can view.