Communication Is Key, Email

Email Manager

Despite reports to the contrary email is going nowhere. In fact it now accounts for a significant amount of correspondence and communication. Take control of your email with Cygnet Email Manager.

Whether you use Cygnet Xchange or continue with your existing email server Cygnet Email Manager will give you the control you want over your email.

Each user will save several hours per week with Cygnet Email Manager. Automatically link emails to contacts, InfoHubs (projects, customers, collaborations) and tags. Easily access all emails related to a project with a couple of clicks from any device.

Follow and track emails from one central database from any device. Check the email traffic of any project or customer file. See what is happening in real time.

Click here to see the video for detailed view.

Own domain

Using your existing email server and/or your own domain you can quickly connect your email accounts to Cygnet Email Manager. Then you can easily access, manage and store your emails with Cygnet Email Manager.

Email connectors

Using Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo! or iCloud and don’t want to move? No problem, simply use connect with Cygnet Email Manager. Select your email provider, enter your login and password, and you’ll see an incoming email counter appear in your Cygnet Cloud. Click on the icon to access your email messages.

Project management

Track all related emails in any project or workgroup. automatically allocate email to projects, workgroups or individual tags. Never again be at a loss for project or customer related correspondence. Always be aware and have the information at your finger tips.