Full User Control And Reporting

User Management

Control and manage user access to your documents and information with Cygnet Cloud user manager. You can easily define user roles allowing you to specify who can see and take action on files and information.

User manager gives you the scope to expand or narrow the actions of users within your environment. You can even allocate a user type for your customers or professional advisors. This gives them access to containers specified by you. You can limit rights for such users to read only files.

You are always in control.

Access – Rights – Roles

Cygnet User Manager gives you the power to assign Roles, Rights and Access to Users.

  1. Cygnet Access defines what projects (InfoHubs) a user can see in Cygnet Cloud.
  2. Cygnet Rights define the type access a user gets within a structured template or shared location. For example which containers users have access to.
  3. Cygnet Roles define the actions users can perform within Cygnet Cloud.

Can they edit or merely view documents.