Take Cygnet Cloud With You Wherever You Go

Mobile application

Cygnet Cloud’s mobile app is available across iOS and Android devices. You have mobile access to all documents, Workgroups, Collaborations, Workflows, CRM and Emails.

With Cygnet Cloud app you are able to work anywhere at any time. Simply browse you emails or review documents while on the road, in a bar, or on the beach. You have the control and decide when and where you want to check in.

Responsive Mobile

Cygnet Cloud is fully responsive meaning you can work from any device without loss of functionality. Cygnet provides full functionality to mobile devices. Users are able to perform all actions what ever device they use.

Office suites

Cygnet Cloud has integrated MS Office suite into modern web browsers. This means that you can use your popular office suite on any mobile device.

Additionally Cygnet Cloud also has integration with the popular Polaris Office for desktop and mobile devices. So continue to work on your document and files with full functionality regardless of where you are or the device in use.


Scan documents, invoices or expense reports directly to cygnet Cloud with Cygnet mobile scanner. No more worries about losing documents. Get them quickly and efficiently to the right workflow.

Stay connected

When you work away from the office, you will appreciate the fact that Cygnet Cloud tools are available on smartphones and tablets as well as PCs.

You are always connected and you have the ability to work and respond to whatever is happening in your business.

You can view the Activity Steam, make new posts, and like or comment on existing ones right from your phone. Want to post a new photo?

Real Time Communications

When you write a message to your colleagues who are outside the office, they will get an instant push-notification on their phones.

Push notifications work even when the app is closed, thanks to proprietary Cygnet Cloud Messaging technology.

The company employee directory and employee profiles are easily accessed from the mobile app. You can call or send an email to your co-workers from your smartphone, if you don’t want to use instant messages.

Mobile CRM

Cygnet Cloud app doubles as a fully featured mobile CRM. You can use it to;

  • Access client database or product catalog
  • View all current CRM activities
  • Create or edit contacts, leads, companies or deals
  • Change statuses for CRM entities
  • Create and send invoices