1. The repository is a collection of all of your infohubs. Using domains we can categorise these into smaller groups or sub-sets structuring them in the system, allowing for easy retrieval.

  2. How do we do that? Starting from the dashboard open your user menu, admin toolbox and select Domains.

  3. For example if I open up the quick jump you’ll see a number of domains which have been predefined. In this case I’ll open up the domain, Netherlands, and then we’ll get another menu showing all the infohubs linked to this domain.

  4. If we open the domain container we see the exact representation of the domains in the quick jump. f I open up that domains list you’ll then get to see that we have our structures, our sub-structures and categories of infohubs. One of them is, obviously, our Netherlands and in here is our Companies, but another thing you see there is a Company Template.

  5. We use the company template to determine access rights for users and meta data for filing purposes. So you need to make sure that that is there.

  6. Lets create a new domain, right click the domain list and select add new container. I will simply call it New Domain, and click create to finish.

  7. We are going to be working with the company templates, so the first thing we’re going to need to link it to our new domain.

  8. To do this we place the template in our clipboard, right click the template and select to clipboard. To verify your selection check you clipboard in the bottom right of your screen.

  9. We can now link it to our new domain. right click our New Domain, and select from clipboard, link.

  10. We’ve now created a new domain. check the quick jump and see that it’s now listed however, if we select it, we will have nothing in our sub-menu as we still have to link infohubs.

  11. Go back home. Choose which infohubs you want to link to the New Domain. Right click any infohub and from the context menu select Infohub Wizard.

  12. The infohub tab allows us to change the domain this infohub is linked to. Select New Domain, save your changes and close the tab.

  13. Lets add another infohub. Again open the context menu and select infohub wizard. Make the same changes and link this to New Domain.

  14. To review that our actions have taken place correctly select New Domain in the quick jump and open up the sub-menu. You will now see the newly linked companies.