Personal Settings
  1. Start by opening your user menu and select Settings.

  2. We are first presented with general, personal information. All fields in this section must be filled out. If you don’t wish to enter a telephone number you can just enter a 0 into this field.

  3. User role shows our title within the system (mine being system administrator).

  4. Next we have rights. This will show us what actions we are permitted within the system. In this viewable file extension field we see here an *. This allows the user to access all file types.

  5. Delegates allows us to select which other users within our account have access to our e-mails.

  6. Collaboration zones is used when working on projects with multiple users. We can allow other users access to specific files within a project but limiting their access to the other files and password we use

  7. You can also import files from simple cloud storage accounts like Dropbox and Google Drive

  8. If you have another instance you would like to link/ merge you can do so here, addin the credentials in will allow for

  9. The last is Password, giving you the option to change it if necessary.

  10. Make sure to save if you made any changes to your user and close.