View Inbox
  1. Enter the EMS through the Cygnet Taskbar or through mail icon in the top toolbar.

  2. In the left column of the EMS you can see the mailboxes which you have added in creation.

  3. In the upper left column we have some options for the mailbox.

    1. Refresh mailbox.

    2. Compose e-mail.

    3. Show tags.

  4. In the bottom left column the CRM module gives access to contact information, infohub linked e-mails and project based collaborations.

  5. Center column shows all the e-mails within the selected mailbox, it can also search and filter results.

  6. Right column window is the email viewer, where selected emails are displayed.

  7. Its taskbar gives you options to;

    1. Reply/ Forward the email.

    2. Mark read/ unread

    3. Assign privacy level

    4. Link to contacts/ infohubs/ projects

    5. Open the email in another client

    6. Archive/ Delete

    7. Print Email

  8. Select the drop down arrow to reveal more information about the email, such as; links to infohubs contacts and tags, or attachments.

  9. Right-clicking on an e-mail brings up the e-mail context menu giving the same e-mail options.

  10. An important note is the difference between Archive and Delete. Archive removes the email from the inbox but keeps the email, links, and attachments in Cygnet Cloud for record keeping.

  11. Delete removes and deletes all information and collaborations, any attachments not indexed will also be removed. (don’t worry, it can be restored from the trash folder if the was a mistake)